I. Greed - attacca - II. Contempt   8'33" III. Nepotism   6'29"




The harmony used in TRIO POLITIC is tonally, or perhaps modally or bi-tonally, conceived, yet pan-tonally realized.  Obviously, hearing certain functional harmonies out of context can imply (and thus create) a relationship to the tonal arena, while having little to do with the actual structure in its current situation. After all, the success of any discourse that is sustained by this harmony is always a subjective judgment that can be creatively manipulated, en mass, through skillful rhetoric (before or after the fact) inspired by thoughtless ambition, desire for personal gain and completely unrelated to the present, yet cleverly and successfully communicated.  And the listener is taken in by this smooth discourse, charmed by the slick lines that are so professionally delivered, and eventually convinced of their worth by the underlying rhythm that subliminally adds to the deception through repetition and silence.   Then, there is recapitulation: We re-elect and give these self-absorbed, dispassionate professional statesmen further license to not only get rich while doing incredible harm to both their constituents and humanity in general, but we then revere these career politicians as selfless public servants as actual heroes, or sometimes even superstars with some degree of immortality!



Last Updated: February 27, 2010